OK…Where do I start?

First of all, curiosity got me (yet again) and I had to try Butter London nail polish. I find $14.00 EXTREMELY expensive for a polish. However, I had to see for myself. I know many people don’t understand my pricey lipsticks or glosses and I can totally justify the price. So maybe, just maybe, I thought I’d try these polishes and see if I could understand the reasoning for the price tag. I even went against a nail techs opinion: warned me it was all marketing…

They carry Butter London at my ULTA and as usual I picked them up and put them back over and over again. I just couldn’t find a color I liked enough to fork over the $14.00. Finally I came across this color Blagger online and waited until my ULTA got it back in stock. I seem to be a sucker for anything blue and green and really had high hopes for this polish…

I wouldn’t go as far as to say it was a major fail. I do LOVE the color. I only had to apply one coat to get a bold blue. Blagger is described as a “Striking Cobalt Blue” and it applied to true to color. I was also amazed at how smooth the color feels on my nails.

HOWEVER, this was the hardest polish to apply! The handle is so short I couldn’t get a good grip on it and couldn’t help but to shake while applying it. I already have a hard time applying polish because I shake and this applicator didn’t help one bit. I actually got pretty frustrated with it all and when I was done I had a hot mess all over my toe nails (I spared you those pics) Below I posted an up close pic so you could see just how messy it was to apply and this was AFTER I tried to clean it up. Granted, I’ve only worn it for two days, and it’s still smooth and shiny with no chipping. Now, if this polish lasts a couple weeks without chipping then I might be able to understand the hefty price tag. Unless they’re on sale, I won’t be purchasing anymore. ULTA has a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE sale coming up on 9/20/11 and I might grab another couple of colors that other bloggers have recommended but I’m not that excited about it.

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