Lynx Attract For Her

Hello treasures, today I wanted to review a body spray that I’ve become a little bit obsessed with lately – the limited edition Lynx Attract for her.

It looks the same as the traditional guys Lynx can but obviously with a pink twist to make it feminine. It has a screw top so no annoying lids to lose! Lynx describe the scent as:

“A fruity, floral and woody fragrance. A vibrant colourful mixture of succulent fruit creates an enticing fusion while floral notes leave a feminine accord. Bottom notes of wood, musk and vanilla give the fragrance a sheer creaminess.”

I have to say I’m shocked at how much I like this. I picked it up on a bit of a whim but really love the scent. You can really recognise the fruity (particularly watermelon) / floral scent combination as well as the slight vanilla bottom notes. Some people find this body spray quite artificial smelling but I have to disagree. I actually think it’s quite a fresh and uplifting scent with very good staying power. 

The downside to this product as far as I’m concerned is the price. Some stores I’ve seen are charging over £4 for this and I think that’s too much for a body spray. I picked it up on offer in Superdrug for £1.99 and feel that that’s far more reasonable for the 150 ml of product (which is double what you get in a can of Impulse). As this is a dreaded limited edition product it’s unknown how long it’ll be available. I hope they don’t discontinue it anytime soon!

Has anyone else given this a go?
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