Threading at home made easy!

Hey twinkles, today I wanted to let you know about a beauty gadget I got last year and have finally mastered! Somehow, when I was looking around eBay (which is something I spend too long doing but never mind!) I found a threading tool, sometimes called an Epistick. I didn’t even know such things existed but I was just starting to figure out threading at home so I thought I’d give it a go. It set me back 99p and arrived quickly from Asia.

It’s basically a spring with plastic handles on the ends. Now that I’ve worked out how to use it, it’s ridiculously easy but I just couldn’t catch any hairs in it to start with! Basically, all you do is stretch the spring and let it close on to the hairs you want to thread. I tend to use it on my upper lip and on the inside and outside edges of my brows. Once the spring is closed you just hold on to the handles and roll the stick upwards. It quickly and easily pulls out the hair as it moves.
It gives you the same eye watering sensation you get from normal threading or plucking but it’s not painful or anything. It’s a great little gadget for threading any stray hairs and is really quick and simple to use once you get used to it. I wouldn’t recommend this for shaping your eyebrows and I personally use this just to tidy up the edges and then use old fashioned tweezers to get the shape I want. This tool is so much easier then messing about with bits of string so if you’re keen on threading at home this would definitely be worth a go. For around a pound you can’t really go wrong!
To find it just search on eBay for facial hair threading tool or epistick and it should come up!
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