Call me crazy (my friend does) but I have been on the hunt for cotton that does not scratch my face. No one ever seems to believe me, but cotton really does hurt my skin! I think it might be because I have dry skin most of the time. I’ve tried organic cotton and several brands from the drugstore. I remember my friend once calling me crazy and telling me it was just in my head, “all cotton is the same,” NO, it’s not!
Browsing through Sephora, I wondered over to Shiseido and got extremely excited over cotton pads. That’s right, cotton pads! I’ve even been excited to write this post and share it with all of you!
It’s EXTREMELY soft and gentle on your skin. Its main purpose is to prevent damage to your skin because cotton can actually scrape skin! It’s 100% natural and uniquely manufactured for a “consistent soft, smooth texture.” It also allows for maximum absorption, no more soaking up those harsh round cotton balls/pads. Although Shiseido doesn’t list the number of pads included in one package, I estimate between 150-170 pads. Personally, I can’t use up a whole pad at once because they absorb liquid so well so I’ll end up cutting them in half. $9.50 may seem steep for cotton pads but in my opinion they are well worth it! I wouldn’t waste them on removing my eye makeup or nail polish but the price is well worth paying to save my skin and a bit of pain!
If you still aren’t sure, ask a Sephora associate for a sample! They actually give you samples of everything there!

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